I’m ready to hire Frerichs Tree Service to treat my ash tree.

New customers please call (or better yet, text) 402-476-0499 today to be added to my customer list.  I will want to speak with you about your general availability (days, weekends, evenings, days off) so that I have some idea of when to call ahead and meet you when you are home for the initial treatment during the Spring treatment window (May and June).  I generally don’t make “appointments” in advance since the duration any stops preceding yours is difficult to predict, and weather can interfere.  Sometimes I can give a half hour or hour notice but often it is an impromptu call or text asking “are you available now.”  For those who expect more notice I apologize; due to weather and other factors it is not practical for me to organize my schedule in that fashion except in extreme instances.  If I am unable to reach you when I am in your area I will simply try again later in the day when I pass back through or a following day when I’m in the area.  Since my impromptu schedule will be troubling from some, please bear in mind I always have my phone with me and you do not need to be shy about calling or texting me whenever necessary to aid in all aspects of the process.  In-person meetings will not necessary for treatments made in subsequent years, although it can be arranged that way if that’s what you prefer for any reason.

Payment for first time treatments will be required at the time of treatment.  Also, meeting you at home is mandated for first time Frerichs Tree Service customers so that we can discuss the tree(s) to be treated in person.  Some trees are not good candidates for treatment and a face to face discussion is needed at this stage.  Even for trees that are good candidates for treatment I will want to determine that you are making an informed decision about your tree(s).  This is also an opportunity to entertain your questions about ANYTHING that grows on your property (including your lawn) which I will be analyzing anyway and notifying you of any pertinent observations.  In most instances ash tree(s) are treated immediately, and this is not a lengthy process.  Applications made in subsequent years will be billed in advance.  With your advance payment the application will be made when conditions are right.  I keep thorough notes and you can be assured that your tree will not be omitted from future needed applications.  If your pre-payment is not received in future years you will get additional correspondence or a phone call so as to be sure your tree is not overlooked due to a miscommunication.

Some final notes about eab applications:  It can be helpful to know whether you have pets or children that use the space where the the treated tree is located so that some precautions can be taken.  The presence of flowering plants complicates the process a little bit since uptake of treatment chemicals by adjcaent flowering plants must be avoided, and we can discuss whether it makes sense to deviate from the soil application method, move or remove your plants away from the base of your ash tree, make a plan to remove the flower buds prior to bloom, or to apply the chemical after bloom–so that bees and butterflies are not exposed to the insecticide.  Most applications are made to the soil of the base of the tree or into holes drilled at the base of the tree.  Unlike applications made to your lawn or home, these methods DO NOT create much risk of exposure to your family or pets.  Residues at the base of the tree will usually be left over from some purging of injection equipment amounting to a few liquid ounces that will be poked with a shovel and rinsed into the soil with fresh water where the tree’s roots will absorb them.  If pets or children use the lawn space where the tree is treated or there is any heightened risk of passers by encountering your tree for 24 hours after treatment a caution flag is placed at the base of the tree indicating that a pesticide is in use in that area.  For backyard trees a caution flag with a hand written note is also often placed in your front lawn along the driveway so that when you or other members of your family arrive home you are again reminded that the tree has been treated.  Finally, also for backyard tree applications I may leave a caution flag where it will be immediately noticed upon your exiting the back door of the home.  The goal is to make it impossible for unwary members of your family to be exposed to freshly applied insecticides.


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