I’m ready to hire Frerichs Tree Service to treat my ash tree.

New customers please call or text 402-476-0499 today to be added to my customer list.  I will want to know your general availability (days, weekends, evenings, days off) so that I have some idea of when to meet up with you for an initial treatment during the Spring treatment window (May and June).

Payment for first time treatments will be required at the time of treatment.  Meeting with you at your home is necessary for first time customers so that we can discuss the tree(s) to be treated in person.  Some trees are better candidates for treatment than others.  I will want to help you make an informed decision about your tree(s).  This is also an opportunity to entertain your questions about ANYTHING that grows on your property (including your lawn) which I will be analyzing anyway and notifying you of any pertinent observations.  In most instances ash tree(s) are treated immediately, and this is not a lengthy process.  Applications made in subsequent years will be billed in advance.  With your advance payment the application will be made when conditions are right.  I keep thorough notes and you can be assured that your tree will not be omitted from future needed applications.  If your pre-payment is not received in future years you will get additional correspondence or a phone call so as to be sure your tree is not overlooked due to a miscommunication.

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